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RGBW color changing controller with both Remote and Bluetooth connectivity

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This controller utilizes a remote AND has bluetooth connectivity. 

Meaning, you can choose how you want to use it.  It will work either way.

The control module is waterproof.

This remote WILL NOT ALLOW you to make a solid color light into a RGBW light. You HAVE to have a RGBW color changing light for that to be possible. If you want a remote for your solid color light, we have those also. Check on the accessories tab on our website or click on this link:


Operates up to 60' away.

Bluetooth is controlled with a free app, by your smart phone, tablet, ipad device etc.

You can make your RGBW light any color, solid or changing, anytime with our RGB version lights and this controller. (turn the power off, it comes back on where it left off)

Features of this RGBW remote:

You can set the lights to any color or set them to react to the beat of the music, your choice. All in all, you'll find thousands of different color combinations available.

The remote's clean, functional and easy to use design features a multiple, easy access push buttons and the app has a " color wheel" touchscreen, so controlling the hue, brightness, dimming, and music features is easy and intuitive. The compact control unit is designed for boaters, with low power consumption, anti-interference circuitry, and long-distance transmission range. The control box is waterproof!

Memory functions, smart phone controlled, strobe, flash, dim, fade and will operate, by itself, up to three of our RGBW lights. (all doing the same operation)

*A new feature of this controller for 2022 is the ability to use multiple controllers with one smart phone.  Meaning, you can have multiple "zones."  Example: control one light, or multiple lights with one controller and the other controller operate completely independently of the other, to control other groups of lights. You would need one controller for each "group of lights" This is an included feature of this unit.


You can use this controller to run up to 3 of our RGBW 8000 lumen series lights, per channel.  You can run MANY lights with this controller BUT you will need our RGB amplifier.  Each amplifier can operate 3 RGBW 8000 lumen lights.  We have videos on this that we can send  you a link to.  

this part is not waterproof and has a one year warranty