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Color changing RGB accent light pods

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Ideal for "topside" use under the gunwales, along the edges of steps, in cabins. Pretty much anywhere you need accent lighting on your boat.

They are very low amp draw and RGB (any color any time)  They are surface mountable and can be attached with silicone, provided screws or double sided tape.

 You can choose a color by simply wiring them up in accordance with the instructions and wire color or you can use a RGB controller.  

We offer two types of controllers on our accessories page.  These lights provide 9 watts/700 lumens of power and each pull 1 amp.  Very powerful and have unlimited possibilities when used with our controllers.  Dim, fade, strobe, bluetooth, flash.  Made of anodized aluminum, 4' of wiring, waterproof and just a cool little accent light all in the diameter of nickel and only 9mm tall!

The light will include with a small connector, if not needed, cut it off.

1 year warranty