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Ford F series door lock block

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These parts WILL NOT work on 2023 models.

Scroll down, there is a video below and learn a valuable lesson, beforehand.

F150, f250, f350 Ford Truck Door lock block anti theft device.

This small, easily installed part will block off access to the door lock cylinder on your truck. The most common way these trucks (2015-2022 f150's and 2017-2022 f250 f350 f450) is to break the door lock cylinder. This video is to help you understand how our part works and how to install it while not telling you exactly how your truck is broken into. If your truck has been broken into by this method, you know exactly what we are referring too.

One of our trucks (2020 f250 king ranch) was broken into in San Antonio Texas, at 4 o'clock, broad daylight, facing a VERY busy highway frontage road, 50' feet from the front door of a packed restaurant. The video surveillance shows the guy get out of his car, break the door lock and get in and out of this truck, with a our belongings and rummaged through the center console and glove box, ALL in a matter of just 12 seconds!

This video covers the installation of the part. It will only take you 10 minutes or less to install this part.

NOTE:  On "some" of the 2022 models, you will have to change the screw mount location. Move the cover screw area up to the "two o'clock" position, making sure that when you do this, your door handle will cover the screw (it will, just make sure you're mounting it that way).  

Commonly asked questions and statements:

Q. "They can just break the window"

A. They can try.. these trucks have a plastic layer in between the glass (Acoustic laminated glass) just like your windshield, it won't just shatter and fall apart.

Q. "They can just push in the lock cylinder"

A. Not with this part in place, it sits on the body of the door lock assembly, it won't push through.

Q. "They can still manipulate the lock"

A. No. This part, even if they broke the screw,  would still spin in place.

Q. "They can still get in my truck if they wanted to, there are other ways"

A. Correct, there are other ways, this part prevents the most common break in method on these body style trucks.

Q. "They can just remove the screw and remove the part"

A. The thief will first have to break off the door handle then unscrew it, this is unlikely and they won't be prepared for that task, they carry around pliers or channel locks, not a philips screw driver.  If you're worried about that, use a dremel and grind the face of the screw down.  

When a thief approaches your truck and pulls on the handle to gain access, this part is completely visible and a great visible deterrent.

Your chances of the truck being ignored for the next one, goes up considerably, when this part is installed.

We would also like to add. If you see someone breaking into your truck, just let them. These people are not worth confronting, just do what you can with photos and video. License plates etc. No vehicle on earth or possessions are worth confronting a person that is useless.

US. Patent Pending