The Vega BiPolar (ON SALE!)

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(on sale while supplies last!)

The VEGA BiPolar, two different colors, 180 degrees and 8000 max lumens 

There are two options of this light.

Green/white will be in a green fixture.

Red/White will be in a red fixture.

You can use your own (two required switches) (or buy our recommended water proof switches from the link below) and wire each switch per color.

Example, you're out on the boat, you need to switch from your red or green (depends which light you purchased) to white? Flip that white switch on.  Vice versa with Red or Green!  You can always turn both colors on at once as well. 

2.25" wide and 1.75" long 

1/2" NPT drain threads, 6061 billet marine grade, hard anodized aluminum.

The light is removed via a bored hole off center.  Simply insert a philips screw driver through the light to install and remove.

This LED Fixture will illuminate 180 degrees in the water, it will light up the wake as well as everything else!

If you use this light in saltwater, apply TEFGEL to all fittings (available in our online store)

The light includes an inboard mounted driver.  

The LED's have a 50,000  hour life expectancy.

12 to 24 volt input

Lifetime warranty 

Check out a switch option by CLICKING HERE. You will need two of these switches to operate this light.  One for the white and one for your other color.